Top 5 skills required to be an Artist Manager

A manager is one who is able to identify all areas that may relate to the artist’s career and administer them in such a way that directs their career into a success. So, to help achieve the artist’s vision, it is the role of the manager to develop career strategies.  


1. People Skills

Firstly, to be a good manager or a good business person, in general, you need to develop good people skills. The entertainment business is a relationship business so you need to be able to communicate with people like a normal person in order to build relationships. You have to have your head on your shoulders and be able to network, make friends, and business colleagues. This is absolutely critical to success.

But not only that, it is the maintaining of these relationships that counts. It is a very small world out there. Everyone knows Everyone. And you don’t want to go around burning bridges. It WILL come back to bite you one day. This goes for artists AND managers or anyone working in any business really! It’s imperative to be an honest (sometimes brutally honest), yet a trusted person.

Going out of your way to understanding people (especially your artist!! If you’re the manager) is absolutely key.

2. Business and Financial Management Skills

Good managers need to have business and financial management skills. A business isn’t a business without revenue, so as a manager it’s your job to get out there and bring in revenue for your artists, and in turn, yourself.

3. Work ethic and drive

Good artist managers MUST have a very strong work ethic and determination because you’ve got a very high level of responsibility. You’re managing someone else’s entire career (your artists), on top of your own, and must take that responsibility seriously. This is a fun business but it is a business, so you need to have the utmost work ethic and drive to keep on going when times get tough.

4. Dedication to your artists

Managers dedicate their lives to their artists. Yes, not just their careers, their lives. Your main reason for working with artists in the first place must be for the love of the artist and their artistry. You have to put your artists ahead of yourself. You have to put their needs ahead of your needs. You must understand that you are dealing with other people’s lives and other people’s money.

5. Creative problem solving and fast decision making

A manager should be able to calmly jump through hoops on a daily basis. There are going to be problems that arise every day. They could be good problems or worse problems, but you’re going to need to figure out how to solve them fast, without dwelling. While also helping your artist not dwell either. The manager is the center of the wheel, if you’re not solving problems fast, the wheel won’t roll forward.

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